Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camping In Woodstock

New sample tents arrived at the NEMO studio last week. That, coupled with the crisp fall air and turning leaves made the decision to do some ‘product testing’ easy. With cars loaded, six NEMO employees, 5 dogs and an adventuresome 2 ½ year old headed out to Plymouth, VT to camp around Woodward Reservoir.

As is typical of a NEMO outing, there was no shortage of good food or beer —VT has some great local brews. Excitement about the upcoming ski season and animated stories of season’s past flowed around the campfire. We talked about how good the surf was last weekend and how the Cape is expecting 11’ swells this weekend. And of course, ghost stories were told (Cam and Bill had some good ones).

John, Seamus and Finn made Asashi, our 4-person tent for 2009, their castle for the evening. Equipped with a Pawprint, Finn was able to snuggle up next to Sea and keep guard. I tested out the final sample of Nano OZ, NEMO’s recycled tent. With the bright orangy-yellow color and window on the integrated vestibule, it was a cheery morning with the sun streaming through.

Tom spent and enjoyable (although not quite long enough) night in Nano. This sample was made from a new type of fabric that is being considered for our 2010 line. Each of us also tested one of three different sleeping pads that we’ll be offering in 2009; Tuo Lite, Tuo Standard or Tuo Luxury. The double-layer made for a comfy and warm night’s rest while temperatures dipped into the 30’s. But bright and early Bill and Cam were shooting pics and getting us all up to enjoy the morning sun and cowboy coffee (wow, Bill makes a bad cup of coffee).