Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We Have a New Site!

Folks, we have a new site! Part of the upgrade has included moving our blog over to the new wordpress format. Contain your excitement and be sure to reset your bookmark to:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Perils of Adventure

There's been lots of talk in the last week about risk taking and what kind of role it should play in adventures. Check out this piece in the NYTimes, followed by Steve Casimiro's response in Adventure Journal.

Steve's message is hits the bullseye. If you can't bear to read anything more than a paragraph, here's the takeaway:

I don’t know if this is maturity or prudence or simply experience. All of the above, maybe. The big difference between the me on Whitney Gilman and the me today is that I’ve learned that risk can be managed. Not all of it, or it wouldn’t be an adventure. But it’s also not as black and white as the Times or others suggest, where you’re either likely to die doing something you love or you simply don’t do that thing you love. That big grey area in the middle is where you find adventure, where you find risk, and where, to me, the best of life begins.