Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NEMO Office Dog Profile Part 1: Leroy Brown

Age: 12-18? The hips don’t lie; either an old man or an old, old man.
Breed: Dalmation mix
Favorite Snack: carrots
Pet Peeves: stairs
Favorite part of being at NEMO: Getting lots of attention from folks in the office
First thing people notice: my big toothy smile
Best known for: pretending to be deaf; dropping bombs and sneaking away
Greatest Fears: loud noises, loneliness
Favorite command to disobey: ‘Come here’, ‘Come now!’, ‘LEROY, COME!!’
Wishes NEMO would make: TUO sleeping pad for dogs for cold/hard floors OR bacon treats
Aspirations: to be let off the leash


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