Monday, April 6, 2009

Longboarding across South America

We’ve recently made friends with the folks over at Loaded Boards after getting a email telling us about their amazing trip. Our friend Adam, along with some of his buddies do a big trip every year where they longboard across what us mere mortals would call a country. The trips have included 2005 Skate Across USA, 2007 Skate Across France, 2009 Skate NZ, 2009 Skate Across Peru and Bolivia.

They describe the latest 2009 Skate Across South America trip as a ‘self supported skateboard trip from Lima, Peru to Potosi, Bolivia. A journey of self torture and happiness.” Check out the self torture below: they’re skating UP that hairpin….

We were also psyched to hear that a couple of Gogos made the journey with them.

Adam and Co. have turned longboarding into a different kind of artistry altogether. We were so mesmerized by some of the moves they pull in this video, it's inspired us to find some of our own secluded roads to practice.


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