Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adventure Anytime

I was excited to see a great photo of Tenshi highlighted on the opening page of the latest Men's Journal (Adventure Issue).

The article really struck a chord with me too, especially this quote from Yvon Chouinard discussing the current state of adventure:
Chouinard reckoned that one upside to the economic downturn might be more time,"because that's the problem today, we don't have any time. And that's why there are fishing guides and climbing guides and kayaking guides and tour guides and all of that, because we don't have time to learn to do anything, and so we hire people to take care of us." Real adventure, he said, is grounded in skill."The goal isn't to catch the fish, it's how you catch the fish."
Time is definitely precious and I'm lucky I work at a company that gives time off to pursue the adventures we are passionate about. I hope the spirit of exploring and engaging with the outdoors continues to grow independent of the news from Wall Street. And I encourage all of you blog readers from the US to participate in the "America the Beautiful Pass" program mentioned in the article. I am trying to make the most of my pass this year, and have already been impressed with what landscapes and activities can be found in the National Parks in our own backyard. Here's a pic from my most recent pass use, a quick climbing trip up to one of Maine's (and the US's) finest - Acadia. (That's Connie conquering an overhang on The Flake.)


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