Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NEMO Office Dog Profile Part 3: Finnegan

Age: 4
Breed: Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix- we think ??? You be the judge. Some say Hound, others say Shepherd.
Favorite Snack: Carrots, but only if they are peeled.
Pet Peeves: Not getting to the beach on a daily basis; I get cranky if I can’t get in the ocean. Getting up early in the morning. Not getting attention at almost all times of the day.
Favorite part of being at NEMO: Jumping over the dog gate into the warehouse and taking a nap in one of the tents set up out back.
First thing people notice: My handsome good looks.
Best known for: Lifting my leg when people come by…I’m a bit of an exhibitionist.
Greatest Fears: Being more than 5 feet from my Dad or Mom.
Favorite command to disobey: ‘Finn get off the couch’
Wishes NEMO would make: The perfect bed to go from the car to the campsite.
Best day scenario: To wake up late, go for a run in the woods, then hit the beach to retrieve in head high surf(I love that), take a nap in the sun, have some prime rib for dinner, lay on the couch, have a snack, and have someone petting me or rubbing my ears most all day long.


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