Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear & Yonder, coming to Hampton

The NEMO team is back in the office after a couple crazy weeks of travel and shows. We're planning to give some updates on new 2010 products later this week (as previously promised), but wanted to first let folks know about the surf flick Dear & Yonder that's making it's way around the US right now.

We're always excited to see new surf films, especially one that focuses on the women who are doing (and have done) incredible things in and out of the waves. The cast spans women's surfing icons Rell Sunn, Lisa Anderson, Linda Benson to current day rippers Liz Clark and Belinda Baggs.

For New Englanders, the closest showing is this Tuesday in Hampton.

Hampton Beach, NH
Ashworth by the Sea in the Sandbar
295 Ocean Blvd
Tuesday, July 28th at 8:30 pm
Details: Join Roxy team surfer Kassia Meador for this free outdoor movie premiere and Roxy giveaways


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