Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Dream of Skiing

While it may seem a little early to some, I have started dreaming of skiing this week. Maybe it’s because the days have already become noticeably shorter and cooler, or that I worked in the ski industry for so long or maybe it’s because I’ve just gotten the news that I’ll be skiing in Argentina next summer with my friends at CASA Tours. Whatever the reason, I’ve flipped the switch. The countdown is officially on.

Ski movies are a personal thing and most skiers and riders have their favorite producers. TGR is one company that has been on the top of the industry for years. While checking out their fall show schedule, I found a trailer for another new film they’re working on, Generations, a film on climate change.

From their website, “Within the span of a lifetime, one can observe the planet's changing climate. Mountain guides, skiers, snowboarders, farmers and climatologists across the world are all seeing change. Ski areas in the Northeast United States are feeling the effects of less snow. California farmlands are experiencing water shortages and the glaciers in Europe are receding at alarming rates. Skiing, which started as a mode of transportation, has become ingrained within mountain cultures everywhere.”

If you’re a skier, rider or are just interested in learning more about climate change and how it affects the activities we all love to participate in, check out their website to see when RE: Session and Generations is playing in your town.

Sweet dreams,

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