Monday, November 16, 2009

London to Copenhagen, On Foot

NEMO ambassador, Alison Gannett, is embarking on a mission to walk, with skis on her pack, over 200 miles from London to Brussels, then onto Copenhagen, to raise awareness, support, and media exposure of climate change. At Cop15 in Denmark, she'll be working with the United Nations Climate Heroes program to help create a treaty to replace Kyoto. Over 196 nations will be represented at Cop15. President Obama has not yet confirmed his attendance.

In the 2007 IPCC report adopted by almost all countries around the world, including the US, scientists ALL agreed that human-induced climate change and feedback loops will raise temperatures by 7-11 degrees. But how exactly does this impact us? If you’re like the NEMO crew, you like to spend your winters sliding on snow. The OECD report in Europe demonstrates that with a mere 2-4 degree rise, almost half of Europe's ski areas will be without snow, while the CEO of Aspen Ski Area states that "even with moderate reductions (CO2 and energy use), skiing will be hampered if not perhaps gone, by 2050." Climate Disruption is possibly human kind's greatest modern challenge.

Alison is attempting to raise $3000 to help fund her journey from Colorado to Copenhagen. NEMO has contributed to the fund. If you’d like to join us, click here.


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snow said...

YEAH we made it to Brussels, and Copenhagen!
Obama has not only confirmed his attendance, but has now changed his dates to coincide with other world leaders. This is HUGE for the potential outcome of this treaty. When I arrived in Copenhagen with my skis and my Save Our Snow banner, I felt like Princess Diana being mobbed by the media. How exciting. Best, Alison and THANKS NEMO for helping save our snow.