Monday, December 28, 2009

Trekking Across Mongolia

British Adventurer Ripley Davenport is preparing for the longest journey of his life – a trek across Mongolia, unsupported. "It stands to become the longest solo and unassisted walk ever completed."

Ripley will attempt the first recorded solo and unassisted traverse across the vast landmass of Mongolia, on foot from east to west, starting in April 2010. The Expedition will involve walking 2750 km (1700 miles) across the Eastern Mongolian Steppe, Gobi Desert and the Altai Mountain Range. He will be hauling provisions and equipment weighing in excess of 200 kg (441 lbs.) in a wheeled trailer specifically designed for the journey, in 90 days or less. In this trailer, he'll be carrying a Gogo LE and Tuo Lite.

Ripley has served in a special forces unit of the British Royal Navy. He served in the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and in the West Indies. He is a renowned adventurer, humanitarian, and motivational speaker best known for his demanding expeditions to the isolated areas of the world, notably accomplished solo and unassisted without any machine or animal, but on foot by hauling or carrying all of his equipment. In 1998, Ripley completed a solo trek across the Karakum Desert in 21 days with one water resupply. Then, in the same year, he successfully crossed the Namib Desert solo and unassisted, with two camels, in 82 days.

Over the course of Ripley’s expeditions, he has raised thousands of pounds for childrens' charities. Recently, he joined the i2P - impossible2Possible team as an Inspirational Ambassador and remains loyal and dedicated in supporting UNICEF and Hope & Homes for Children.

To see how Ripley is preparing himself for this long journey, check out his blog.

To follow Ripley’s trek, starting in April, click here.



Ralph Cavalier said...

This is really cool! I'll definitely be following along. Do you know if he'll be tweeting or anything of that variety?

Anonymous said...

You can follow the entire route in real time here:

You can also join and follow progress here:

I will be blogging and sending live updates along the entire walk.