Friday, January 29, 2010

A Year in Review: NEMO's 2009 Beach Cleanups

NEMO just finished our second full year of adopting (i.e. cleaning, feeding, walking) the northern end of Jenness Beach with the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation.

We've been so psyched to work with this NH-based nonprofit to help with their debris monitoring program. In 2009, volunteers dedicated over 2,300 hours to remove over 10,852 pounds of debris from New Hampshire beaches. That's pretty impressive considering that NH only has 18 miles of coastline. There are a number of new adoption sites up for grab. If you're local to area, contact the beach coordinator to get started.

This year, NEMO employees (with the help of a few volunteers) picked up a total of 529 pounds of trash. Our top ten (in number, not in weight) items picked up during cleanups were:

1. Cigarette Butts (206)
2. Bottlecaps (192)
3. Rope (114)
4. Nets/Bait Bags (82)
5. Metal Cans (81)
6. Plastic Bags (70)
7. Straws (67)
8. Traps/Pots (66)
9. Balloons (65)
10. Fishing Line (65)

The most interesting items we found were:

1. The bottom half of dentures, with a healthy amount of seaweed threaded through the teeth.
2. An old Hawaiian sling
3. A blond wig, soggy weighing about 10 lbs (we thought it was attached to a real skull at first…)
4. a dead beaver

We are scheduling dates for the upcoming months so be sure to email our customer service if you are interested in joining.


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