Friday, February 26, 2010

Arizona [Off] Road Trip

From Cam's latest update on his overland travels last weeK:


Last Sunday morning we woke up early and headed to the “Back Road to Crown King,” a trail listed in our guide book as “difficult.” It might be difficult when dry…but it’s been raining and the trail was frequently interrupted by washouts, mud pits and slides. The normal tricky rock crawling sections were covered with mud as slippery as Teflon. The trail turned out to be VERY difficult, but incredibly beautiful. I’ve attached a couple shots from the route…these are the mild sections.

Somewhere along the way we blew both rear shocks and inverted the rear springs. The violent bouncing shifted the entire cap on the back of my truck 1.5 inches. We also took a good bit of paint and metal off the bottom of the truck and did some other minor damage... Our plan is to spend Thursday and Friday on the famous 100 mile White Rim Trail. More pictures to come!




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Dr. Benny said...

What a great adventure!