Thursday, February 11, 2010

NEMO Office Dog Profile Part 5: Stryder

Age: 9 months
Breed: Chow/Shepherd Mix
Favorite Snack: Anything he can get off dishes in the dishwasher
Pet Peeves: That the most exciting things he finds to play with usually either get taken away or put in the trash
Favorite part of being at NEMO: Sitting beside his mom all day and going for walks in Mine Falls at lunch
First thing people notice: His black tongue and curly upright tail
Best known for: Being named after a Lord of the Rings character
Greatest Fears: Men and loud noises
Favorite command to disobey: "Bang!" (playing dead)
Wishes NEMO would make: Cosmo Air and Pillowtop in dog sizes
Aspirations: To catch a squirrel

1 comment:

Dustin said...

Is stryder a Chow/Shepard mix. B E A U Tiful.