Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Windspeed Record Falls, Tucks Still Standing

Despite recent news about NH's loss of world's highest wind speed record and of course, the fall of the Old Man of the Mountain in 2003, the 'Shire has still plenty of adventure to explore.

Transworld Snowboarding put up a sweet feature on skiing Tuckerman's yesterday (albeit with the usual crowd of chuckleheads chiming in on the comment board about East Coast vs. West Coast). The truth is that the East Coast isn't blessed with the powder of the West Coast, so any opportunity to find it is a precious one. That's why you'll find hundreds of people making the trek up Tuckerman's in the spring.

In fact, the winter there seems a bit more mellow with the crowds. Suzanne and I hiked up there with a few friends a couple weeks ago on a moderate avy danger day, and came down the Sherbourne Trail.

In the spring, try escaping crowds by going up the Gulf of Slides instead. Check out this great site for more NH adventures.


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