Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life (not as we know it)

Life, BBC’s stunning (as expected) follow up to Planet Earth, has finally made its way across the pond. This might be old news to those of you who already set your Tivo/DVR to record the show, and even older news to our British friends who get BBC1 beamed straight into their homes. But if you’re without tv or cable, you can still capture amazing snippets of the show on the website or YouTube.

The series features earth's wildlife and the amazing ways they have adapted in order to survive. Unfortunately, Life drops David Attenborough’s signature narration in preference of Oprah Winfrey. We can forgive this offense, because the images and video quality are just so stunning. But if you're a purist who wants to be guided through this cornucopia of wildlife behavior by Sir David, I would recommend waiting for the dvd to come out. The clip below is a fascinating look at the feeding habits of starfish, giant sea worms, and other assorted ocean fauna. One feeding starfish – neat; a small group of feeding starfish – pretty cool to see; thousands of swarming starfish descending on a drowned seal corpse? Horrifically amazing.


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