Friday, March 19, 2010

NEMO Classroom Lessons #754: Securing Your Jake's Foot

Another video from the NEMO YouTube channel. Steve has graciously narrated a step-by-step guide to securing your Jake's Foot onto your tent corner (Losi and Asashi series tents). The video shows you how to "double-back" the webbing so that the Jake's Foot is locked on.

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Unknown said...

I just received my Nemo Opi 2p and set it up in my family room. I have never had a tent with a Jake's Foot. Being that the Jake's Foot is plastic and a VERY key component of the setup, would it be a good idea to carry a spare Jake's Foot for repair in the field? I see from the video that a field repair would be relatively easy.

Connie said...

Hi David, thanks for purchasing Obi 2P. Even though the Jake's Foot is a molded component, it is extremely durable and we have never had a complaint of someone breaking it (only someone losing it). I would say that if you are prone to losing components (especially if you plan on removing the Jake's Feet for "On the Fly" setup), having a spare one isn't going to hurt. Some customers have even bought an additional set of Jake's Feet to accomodate their "On the Fly" setup, so they will never have to worry about this.

There are also plenty of ways to jury-rig a solution if something happens with your Jake's Foot (i.e. making a loop with your guyout cord that connects your tent corner to the pole tip).

Hope this is helpful!


Unknown said...

Thanks Connie. I don't know why I type opi instead of obi. I have caught myself doing that in other forums too......sigh.

This leads to another question. How does one set the tent up fly-first (as in a rainstorm) with the Jake's Foot on the tent body? Would a grommet near the end of the fly's tension strap solve the problem, functioning as a temporary anchor, until the main body is in place?