Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Press

Bill and I are excited to report that the 2010 Product Catalog is on press. We have spent the past couple of days up in Burlington, Vermont seeing first hand what goes into turning the final files that leave our studio into a beautiful printed and bound catalog. The catalog is being printed by Villanti & Sons, Printing, Inc., a small, family-owned, FSC Certified printing company with big capabilities. Villanti is one of only a few FSC Certified printers in the nation and to gain that status you have to meet high standards that show a commitment to being environmentally responsible. The process, the machines used, and the guys running the show are all pretty impressive. Every couple of hours a sheet (eight pages from our catalog fit on one sheet) is set up on the Heidelberg press. Several sheets are run through and to get the ink flowing then we pull one to inspect the color and density of the ink. This process is repeated periodically though the run to ensure consistency using an electronic color proofing viewer.

We’ve already seen the cover, which is now drying, and later today will be sent down to Massachusetts where a custom sculpted die will be crafted and then punched into it as an embossment. In the meantime, sheets are coming off the press and once dry they will be cut, trimmed, and transformed into the final catalog.  

If you are interested in getting one of these beauties fresh off the press, go to our catalog request section and we will get on right over to you.

-Erin and Bill

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