Friday, May 14, 2010

LongTreksonSkateDecks...Where Are They Now?

Aaron, Adam and Paul, our friends making the ultra-long longboarding journey through Morocco, have just sent some new videos and a quick update. It's not just their talent in front of and behind the lens, but their humor that makes following their journey so much fun.

“We are having a blast so far, although the pavement is keeping us from traveling good distances. These NEMO’s are getting worked! Were hunting them, they’re hunting us, and all around we are having a really great time in our humble abodes. We’ve skated 900kms from Casablanca on an ever changing route through the Moroccan coast to the Sahara Desert and experienced nothing that could even slightly phase these awesome tents!”

You can track the boys here and see more pictures and videos from their journey here.


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