Friday, June 4, 2010

Local Wildlife Part 4-The Barred Owl

On a trail run with Connie this morning,  we were stopped in our tracks about halfway into the run. 15 feet away from us on a small dirt road, was a beautiful Barred Owl staring right at us, without a care in the world. We watched it for 2 minutes in awe of its stoic, ghostly presence. As much as it pained me to leave, we let it be. The rest of the run I was super excited and could not stop talking about how many times I have looked along that very same road for owls and never saw even a feather. With a tinge of hope, I swung by the same spot a half hour later, camera in hand. These images are the result. Glad I checked it out! To see more images have a look here .


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