Monday, July 12, 2010

Long Treks on Skate Decks Episode 5: Summit #1

We're back with Episode 5 of the Long Treks Peru v Bolivia trip, provided so graciously by Adam, Aaron, and Paul. Moral of the episode? Skateboarding uphill for 3 days proves an actual possibility, with the requisite bad pavement, diarrhea, scrapes, and bruises.

The restaurant we stayed in all day and the owner of the restaurant.

The owner of the store let us sleep in this little hut. It was tight, Aaron and Paul shared the concave bed and I laid cardboard on the floor and slept. It was a cold night.

This episode was the turning point for me. When we are sitting on the ledge after going up and down our first huge pass that was 79 miles of uphill with the highest elevation being 14,400 ft, I felt we could do and accomplish anything. We are stoked.

-Adam Colton

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