Monday, August 16, 2010

August Beach Cleanup and Rocket Pops

We hit the beach last Friday for some baby waves (shin/knee-ticklers, I call them) followed by our August beach cleanup. We picked up 65 lbs of the usual sea debris (ropes, bait bags, trap parts, etc), and not too much land-based debris despite the summer crowds. The only semi-egregious item were the 82 cigarette butts that we picked up -- and no doubt countless others that blended into the shells that we missed.

Two interesting things to note: first, a big thank you to ice cream man Bobby D. who saw us picking up trash and gave us all rocket pops in appreciation. He's a fellow surfer too (of the Long Island/NJ variety), but promised he'd be out to join us in the waves next time.

We also saw this driftwood/beach trash memorial out there. After overcoming the guilt that there was so much trash still on the beach that someone was able to construct a whole display out of it, we were wowed by the details in the construction. Bobby D. told us a local fellow has been building them on the beach, and for homeowners who have beachfront property. Anyone have more info?


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