Friday, September 24, 2010

Folks, Ski Season is Coming

As you can tell by recent posts, this one included, a few of us are excited for ski season. Not that we're rushing Fall. Who can argue with cool, crisp weather and the changing colors of the leaves? But...
If you've read this month's issue of Outside, you've most likely seen the article on the Marolt brothers. Mike and Steve Marolt, accountants from Aspen, have been quieting ticking off ski descents of tall peaks around the world. Tall, as in 7-8,000 meters. As if climbing mountains like Cho Oyu and Everest weren't enough, these guys ski down when they're done and the skiing is not typically what you'd call 'powder'. Most people wonder, why are they going to such lengths to ski crud, ice, and dodge crevasses?

The story around the brothers has had its share of controversy, which is touched on in the Outside article. The brother's film, Skiing Everest, which follows their travels, will be touring around the US. After reading Outside's article, there's sure to be a good share challenge, drama and beautiful scenery (including some good looking tents).


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