Friday, October 15, 2010

Asheville Action: 2010 OIA Rendezvous

Last week a few of us from NEMO has the distinct pleasure of participating in the 2010 OIA (Outdoor Industry Association) Rendezvous. Hosted at the Grove Park Inn in the pleasant city of Asheville NC, titans of industry gathered to discuss, collaborate and inform each other on their perception of the outdoor industry and what it will take for a business to survive in the coming years.
If I could summarize in a few words: innovation and cautious optimism.

After a few days of discussions were over, it was time to give a little back to the Asheville community that graciously accepted us. Timberland hosted a service project where those that attended the Rendezvous could offer a few hours in the afternoon on various beautification projects. Ranging from building a labyrinth to cleaning out the French Broad River, participants gave their all to the projects and had a little fun in the process.

What is amazing to me, is the amount of man hours of accomplished work in a single afternoon. Roughly 200 people working for roughly 3-4 hours. How long would it have taken to get ~700 hours of volunteer work without this concerted effort? I don't know, but I assume a while.

And of course, local delicious beverages beer at the end.


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