Monday, November 1, 2010

Long Treks on Skate Decks Episode 9: Pushing Downhill

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Peru y Boliva long distance longboarding trip from Adam, Paul, and Aaron, who have put in more combined longboarding miles than you have hairs on your head. After climbing to 14,104 ft they have a gnarly downhill with backpacks that drops them over 7,000 ft of elevation and put them into a gorgeous canyon cursed by a massive headwind. Warning: video contains cursing and should probably not be played at full volume at work (unless you work at somewhere like NEMO).

Fighting headwinds for 2 days while pushing downhill really defeats the point of riding downhill--yet, we do it smiling the best we can. Here, Paul busts out a tasty backside slide down the canyon.

All the downhill pushing led Aaron and Paul try some local moonshine and get magical powers. This is Paul's face after he is hit hard with moonshine.


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