Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Long Treks on Skate Decks Episode 10: Abancay to Cusco

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Peru y Boliva long distance longboarding trip. After a night-long torrential downpour our fair friends wake up to a 15km ascent into Abancay. 3 mountain passes are conquered before Cuzco and some terribly dangerous downhills. Cuzco is a major landmark city in the journey, and in triumph they throw water balloons at anything that moves. Enjoy!

After our big climb the downhill part was awesome but pavement soon turned bad. It was pitch black we needed to set up camp so we talked to some farmers and they put us right in the mud. This is the morning of us packing up.

Still Climbing, 4th pass 13,120 ft. Now that is a pretty hairpin turn and guess what, we are not skating down it but up it.

I really like this picture. The emotion on Pauls face is of determination and exhaustion. Skating until dark, we made it to the top and did a gnarly downhill run in low light conditions.

Our 5th climb 12,105 ft. As you can see the climbs are not straight up the mountains--very windy and unpredictable you never know what is around the bend.


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