Friday, January 7, 2011

Biking Around the World

Have you ever wanted to just quit your job, get rid of all of your possessions, free yourself from all obligations and just get away...for a long time? Well, 18 year-old Erin Nelson is doing it. In her own words, "I want to see and experience life. You only have one go at it."

In November, after working hard and saving everything she could from her job at Subway, Erin set out from Turlock, CA on her journey. Before she left, I asked her to tell us a bit about herself. Here's what she had to say.

Life Motto: What did you do yesterday that’s really worth mentioning?

What are you doing to change the world? Promoting living

Favorite piece of NEMO gear & why: My Mio, because it’s my most valuable piece of equipment – it keeps me sheltered.

Songs that get you going: The Ride, Tim McGraw, anything Eric Church, Jason Aldean

Give us a ‘green tip’ that you personally do: I use water bottles at fast food restaurants

Favorite food/drink that will accompany you on your worldwide travels: Brisk raspberry ice tea, and Little Debbie’s

Something you always bring on your trips that you don’t need (good luck charm, etc.): iPod

Hidden talent, party trick: I can do magic tricks

Favorite book: The Bible

Who inspires you? Bear Grylls

Bonus items you’d like to tell us about yourself: You will never see me wasting my life chasing a dollar.

Erin is currently in Arkansas heading to New York. She made this video from her trip so far, it's pretty inspiring.

To follow Erin on her journey, you can visit her blog. She also has more info here.


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