Friday, February 25, 2011

Breaking our Backs to Close the Loop

Our Garage Sale and yearly donations have rid the office of usable samples, and all that remained was a sad pile of beautiful tents that were unusable in one way or another. Combine that with our Ditto Tote inventory being empty, and you know its time for a tent cutting party.

Through the cutting help of nearly all NEMO employees, Connie and I were able to travel down the road to our local sewer (the kind with sewing machines, not a stinky pipe system) with a car completely full of fabric tent panels.

Next step, making tent panels into bag pieces. Here's a photo essay. It involves a lot of binder clip and a super sharp fabric saw:

After 10 straight hours of standing over a cutting table on concrete floors, my back was nearly broken and I had a new appreciation for all of our manufacturing partners. My back pain has since diminished and I'm left with just being truly psyched that we were able to save so much waste from the landfill and give beautiful fabric a second chance.

Keep your eyes out. Ditto Totes, back in stock soon.


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