Friday, March 18, 2011

Patagonia: Searching for Beauty

SOOO STOKED to present to you Adam Stokowski’s and my timelapse video from 2 weeks of venturing around in Patagonia Country. It was a journey of searching for beauty and trying the best we could to document it. It is always fun with timelapse to document 30 minutes to 4 hours of continuous beauty and be able to display it back in a matter of 5 – 10 seconds. I tell you though, the beauty you see through your own two eyes is still untouchable. That is why we travel and explore to these magical places. Let pictures and videos of these magical places be inspiration to go there. Enjoy the video and pictures. Imagine the wind howling. (All the pictures from the trip here.)

Setting up our tents in random fields is how we do things. Why pay for a hostel or hotel when you can be out in nature? Breathing in the cold refreshing night air, snuggling up in your sleeping bad, not getting sleep due to the violent wind (hahaha), being awoken to some of the most spectacular sunrises. Pack up all your belongings in your backpack in 20 minutes and be satisfied on how simple your life is.

Stokowski and I bushedwhacked through mean spiky bushes to set up our camp along a lake over looking the Torre Del Paine mountains. When I awoke this was the view I had looking outside my tent. The mountain was being lit by some of the richest light I have seen. The clouds where coming off the mountain like smoke as if the mountain was on fire. The wind was ragging and knocking my camera around. I got a sweet timelapse of this, stoked.

There is something beautiful about a lonely tree, a gnarly wind blown tree that has spent its life getting thrashed around. If you look at the tree you can see it is leaned to the right from the constant wind toppling it over. The lighting was not ideal for this pic, the sun was a bit too high but we had to keep moving. I shot this with f1.2. I focused the camera right on the little light spot on the tree. My composition was to lead the eye to the tree over the meadow of waving grass in which we napped in.

Waking up to one of the most spectacular sunrises on the Torre Del Paine, I saw wild horses off in the distance. The leader of the pack, the one looking at the camera in the photo was very hesitant. After about 30 minutes they worked their way close enough for me to get a picture. I was a bit nervous since Stokowski and I had a run in with some other wild horses the other day in which the leader threatened us.

I used to be a sunset man. Always easier, never had to wake up in the cold mornings for the sunrise. But in Patagonia I woke up stoked many times for the sunrise. The sunrise on Fitz Roy was a blessing. I feel very lucky to be able to witness the sight since Fitz Roy is known for bad weather around the peak and is usually covered in dense clouds/storms. The morning rays light up Fitz Roy ever so slowly -- sun rays lighting the top at first, and working its way down to reveal the whole mountain in a glowing fashion of beauty. (Got this by timelapse-yeah boy)

-Adam C.

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