Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ambassador Interview: Alison Gannett

Many of you who read the blog regularly know I like to ski and occasionally (ok, maybe more than occasionally) blog about the topic. But, when a sport has given you so much: a way to break free from the 'rents for an afternoon, an excuse to schedule all classes in the morning, a career that made all my friends jealous, and an introduction to my life partner, you feel the need to give back a little.

OK, I got sidetracked. But recently, skiing gave me the excuse to head to Alison's Rippin' Chix clinic in Aspen in the name of work - I brought a good client and friend and it was time for a face-to-face interview with our Jill-of-All-Trades.

In this interview, after stumbling my way through the beginning, I ask Alison what a typical year looks like for her. From leading Rippin Chix clinics to educating people about climate change to figuring out how to live on a farm, you've got to admit, she's got an interesting gig goin' on.

And for those who are still skiing or need a spring ski trip - here's a pow shot of Mike rippin' it up last week in the Chic Choc Mountains on the Gaspe Peninsula. I'll see you in the backcountry.


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