Thursday, July 28, 2011

New T-Shirts!

I'm psyched to share my new NEMO t-shirt design. This new design has 2 color variations, the first is printed one asphalt, the second is printed on a forest green, both American Apparel.

The design was inspired from some photos we have used in the past that take unusual angles of common themes. I always love the thought of sitting at a campfire in the middle of the woods and wondering what creatures lurk in the shadows beyond the light of the fire.

Using negative space and exaggerated shadows the design itself become almost an abstract image at first glance. Once you get in and take a closer look the viewer gets and "aha!" moment.

One final cool feature on the green glows!

We plan to print another round of these because they are going fast, I have a feeling the next round we will have glow -in-the-dark on the grey shirt as well


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like these a lot! Fantastic design- the use of negative space has powerful visual appeal and leads the viewer's eye to wander (and wonder).