Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Adventure, in progress

I met Damien and Renee last weekend at Outdoor Retailer, who dropped by the NEMO booth to see our new offerings for 2011. Damien is a contributing editor for Backpacking Light, but they both moonlight as editors for their blog Adventure in Progress, which encourages families to get outdoors and go on adventures together. Not just any adventures though, we're talking about multi-day backcountry, all-conditions, put-in-sweat-equity-for-your-dinner type adventures.

For most folks with families, this might seem outside the realm of possibility. But D+R get it done (with 3! children). Talking to them reminds me a bit of a Banff film fest entry from a couple years back called Finding Farley, which details the travels of Leanne Allison and Karson Heurer as they canoe/hike/sail with their 2 year old son from Canmore, Alberta to Nova Scotia.

Check out the blog and movie trailer, and get inspired to bring your family outdoors, one step at a time.


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Damien said...

We saw that movie too, it was really good! Thanks for the kind words Connie, it was great to meet you guys too!