Monday, August 15, 2011

Sleeping Bag Testers Wanted!

Calling all outdoorsy people who like to use great gear!

NEMO has officially launched its Adventure Product Testing platform through our Facebook Page. As long as I have been at NEMO we have done extensive testing outside of our labs with ambassadors, athletes, ourselves, families, and friends. While we've had a lot of success in excellent feedback from these groups, we are taking big steps to make a more integrated, cohesive, and connected testing program. This means big things for me...lots more information to work with and a direct line to a variety people with all different shapes, sizes, experiences, and needs.

We are unrolling the program with an entirely new category for us - sleeping bags. They've been in the works for a couple years now, and will debut next year. However, before they get anywhere close to a store, we want to make sure we are putting the best and most innovative product out there. We think our unique ideas make a lot of sense, but in the end, it doesn't matter what we think.

In the Adventure Product Testing program we will be integrating feedback from our designers, engineers, ambassadors, athletes, shop employees, and customers. I want to get all of us into a conversation about what makes a great sleeping bag and make this happen. We can sketch and CAD model and lab test all day long, and we'll never get the same kind insights as extensive real world testing. So help me out!

We'll be testing everything from ultralight down quilts to car camping comfort to arctic mountaineering bags. There is something for all adventures, all body types, and all levels of experience. We want as diverse of a testing team as we can make.

You need to visit our Facebook page to enter, but here's the skinny.

First you make a short video with a fake gear review and tell us why you'd make a great member of our testing team. Note: There are no extra points for how hardcore you are or how many sleeping bags you already own. However, there are extra points for creativity, insight, and presenting information well. If the fans like you, we like you, and you've got some testing opportunities coming up this fall, you're on the team. We'll work with you to figure out what prototypes will be most appropriate for your upcoming adventures, and then you are in charge of using the hell out of them. We have several platforms for testers to keep in touch, communicate with each other, and log data points that will be useful in understanding if our designs are performing to their intentions.

Alright, get out there and blow me away with your videos.



Anonymous said...

Seems like you're going to miss out on all the introverts, by requiring a video. If you required a written review you'd get them as well! :^)


Cowboybarber said...

Question, does the "fake" gear review need to be based on a sleeping bag or will any piece of gear work? As to slally: I'm an introvert too, but I'm going to bite the bullet and make a video for this opportunity!

Cowboybarber said...

Also, not sucking up or anything, but my family named our new Chocolate Lab "Nemo" back in February, and no it wasn't because of the fish!

Connie said...

The sample gear review can be based on any piece of gear that you want. Thanks for entering the contest -- we look forward to seeing your submission (especially if there is a certain chocolate lab in the video!).

basil4j said...

I wish I lived in the US! Over here in NZ we miss out on all the fun stuff! :) Hope your new line goes well!

Dan said...

Hi! Can i become a product tester if i'm not from US(i'm from Ukraine)?