Monday, October 31, 2011

Heading to Banff

This week, NEMO is heading to Banff, Alberta, CA for the Banff Mountain Film Fest. It's our first time going to the 'motherland' and experiencing the original Film Fest, the one that started it all. We'll be going for fun, but we're also sponsoring the Award for Best Film on Exploration and Adventure. The festival runs from Oct. 29th - Nov. 6th. If you're there, swing through the Laszlo Funtek Studio exhibition area and say hi to Connie and Suzanne. And if you're not going to Banff, you can catch the winning films from the festival as they tour around the US and Canada - chances are they'll be showing in a town near you in 2012.

And a special shout out to Red Reel Films' 23 Feet and Red Bull/Brain Farms' Art of Flight, have both made it as finalists!


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