Thursday, November 10, 2011

Banff Mountain Film Festival, Recap

We just got back from the Banff Film Festival which wrapped up this past weekend. For outdoor enthusiasts out there, it is a pretty magical place to be celebrating outdoor spirit and culture, and to be surrounded by both amazing mountains and adventurers alike.

Mountain towns like Banff give off lots of energy, and it's not just the endless march of puffy jackets and beanies (toques for our Canadian friends out there). There's a happiness and fulfillment when you talk to people that you just don't see in the general population.

This year we sponsored the prize for Best Film in Exploration and Adventure, which was awarded to Kadoma.

Some favorites from the weekend to watch for as the festival rolls through your town:

We were enchanted by Obe and Ashima—sorry, couldn't find a trailer.

My personal favorite, Chasing Water.

Cold pretty much swept the awards and ran the gamut of emotions. A must-see.

Solitaire set a great mood with perfectly selected music.

A great short on living simply, 23 Feet:

And gratuitous shots of NEMO tents were abound in Steve Fisher's Halo Effect:


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Chinook McLean said...

I'm so glad you retained a Canadianism - I know you spelled 'toque' correctly, now just make sure you keep saying it right!