Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventure Anywhere, really.

Working at NEMO has some great perks—I'm not going to lie. Having a love for the outdoors and access to a vast array of top-of-the-line gear really enables us to have some serious adventures. This past weekend I was able to try Hexalite 6P (new for 2012). Although we have already identified this new product as an ideal shelter for groups in need of a large communal space, I never really thought about it as an ice fishing shelter. Just as I was packing up for our annual ice fishing trip I perused the weather report for Danforth, Maine and decided that instead of standing in blowing snow and freezing rain for 3 days I should find a tent or shelter to protect us while attempting to catch lunker lake trout and salmon.

This turned out to be a better idea than I could have ever imagined. Although the predicted winds were supposed to be about 5 mph and a balmy 25 degrees, we were in for a big surprise when the wind started gusting between 30-40 mph...non-stop, sunup til sundown. About mid day we decided it was time to strengthen our shelter with a few more ice screws and some extra guy-out cord. This added strength kept the shelter nice and taut.


Capron, old friend from college with his 4.47 lb salmon

Set up with no footprint or floor, we didn't have to worry about taking off boots or making the floor dirty. Hexalite gave us not only a great place to duck out of the wind but also a place to drill a few holes and fish with the jigging rods.

The best fish of the weekend, a 8 lb Lake Trout

We made our temporary home over a mile from land for 3 days, caught some great fish, ate some amazing food (including an entire roasted turkey), devoured piles of fresh scallops and of course, fresh salmon!

beautiful male salmon

It just goes to show, NEMO can really help you have Adventure Anywhere.


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