Friday, May 4, 2012

Why I Love the Outdoors

One of the best things about spending time in the outdoors is that it is one of the more humanizing and connect-y activities I can think of. In a world otherwise where avoidance of eye contact is the norm, I have had more experiences sharing trail conditions, wave reports, snacks, shade from the sun, cover from the rain, and equipment advice with strangers than I can remember. This REI ad from last year is spot-on.

A couple weekends ago, Suz and I took a short backcountry trip to Little Harbor, Catalina Island. We offered to take a group's picture at a scenic point in the hike, and they mentioned that the other half of their party, a fishing boat, was meeting them at their campsite. There was talk of feasts of fresh fish, sashimi, stews— and somewhere tucked between there was an invitation to dinner.

After setting up camp, exploring the land, we decided to say hi to the folks we had met earlier.  

I believe this is a pictorial definition of the word feast:

Clearly this hiking/backpacking group from SoCal has their priorities straight. I can't say that I've ever eaten so well in the backcountry. Instant friends? Felt more like instant family.


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Davy said...

Only on the trail can you meet people that you can truly relate to. And I have never been let down by them. They are, with out doubt, the best people!

Why? Because they know where you come from. You talk about where you've been and where you're going. And that's all that matters. Not how much you make or where you live. Just to know that you're outdoors looking across the expanse in front of you. Nothing else is important.

I enjoyed your blog, it rings true the world over, Davy