Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NEMO Favorite Trails, Rides, Breaks, and Crags: Part 2, Index WA

This mini series was originally titled NEMO Favorite Trails and Rides, but clearly, that leaves out some of our favorites places to play outdoors.

On the tail end of a trip out to Seattle to support some of our Washington State based retailers, we got the chance to hang out with Roger Strong, certified badass, and part of the NEMO family via our Pac-NW rep group.

We had a half day to have some fun, so Roger took us to one of his favorite local climbing areas in Index, WA for a morning of fun climbing. To our south, Mount Index gave some scenic views from the top of the pitch.

Before the heat set in, we got in Princely Ambitions, hopped over to Roger's Corner, and then finished up with Breakfast of Champions.

We managed to sneak this self taken shot at the Princely Ambitions belay ledge just as the sun started going full throttle on the wall.

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