Thursday, December 6, 2012

When the Mercury drops...

... we turn to Helio.

While surfing in the Northeast has its pros & cons, having to wear a wetsuit definitely falls into the con territory. It's not so much the restriction of neoprene or the added time to put it on—both of those, you kind of get used to (although putting it on cold and wet is another issue altogether). It's the hassle of having to care for another piece of gear, being responsible about washing it out, and being forced to wash it out inside your bathroom when the garden hose is a no go.

For those of you who live in sub tropical climates, New Englanders generally start to worry about pipes freezing around Nov. So there is a general shutoff of garden hoses from November to April until the weather gets its act back together.

Enter Helio.

I've been psyched to have Helio for my winter surf season this year. This morning, I hosed off the 6/5/4 out in the driveway, without having to clean up sand and seaweed in the bathtub. That, in and of itself, makes it worth it's weight in gold.

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