Thursday, February 7, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Survive NEMO with NEMO Equipment

Top 10 Ways to Survive NEMO with NEMO Equipment
  1. Huskies make really great warm blankets.
  2. NEMO Ditto Tote good for making igloo blocks, fill and dump to build your winter shelter while also feeling satisfied about using an up-cycled fabric construction device.
  3. High pressure showers are amazing when you don’t have water – have you filled your Helio?
  4. No heat, no water, no electricity…why NOT go camping!
  5. Sledding, Tuo pad, ‘nuff said.
  6. Grandma’s quilt has nothing on the Muse.
  7. Hilarious phone calls from your Mom stating “Can you believe they named the storm NEMO, just like your company!”  (… guess you need to work here)
  8. Snuggling in the back country or snuggling in your freezing cold house NEMO has you covered, Tango Duo.
  9. Drinking whiskey in the dark by headlamp is way more enjoyable in a tent then in a house, trust us.
  10. Dream about NEMO’s launch of their winter sleeping bag line, the Cannon series – coming soon…..

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