Monday, December 8, 2008

57 lbs of Trash and 1 Fishing Spear

57 lbs. That’s what we hauled off in garbage during December’s Jenness Beach cleanup. What makes up those 57 lbs. you ask?

Rope, lots of rope
Aluminum cans
Bottle caps
Plastic containers
A sneaker
An intact fishing spear – seriously

While most everything else was pretty typical of what we find at our monthly cleanups, the fishing spear was a first. John instructed us on proper technique and after that, spears were flying. I think we'd all go hungry if came down to the spear.

There was no surfing to be had as the air was brisk and the waves were flat, but we did encounter some dogs and their owners, as well as a group of students from Emerson College making a film about local surf spots and their surfers. The afternoon ended as usual, at Joe’s Meat Shoppe in North Hampton.

Go out and do something good this week. Whether it’s for your community, the place you play, or somewhere distant, it’ll make you feel good. Now that’s what I call killing two birds with one stone.

Happy Holidays,

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Chris said...

Great work Nemo. I live in Vermont and attended one of the Jenness Beach Cleanups in August. Its great to see companies in the outdoor industry supporting these causes.