Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Storm Cometh

I knew when I got home last night we were in for it. As I turned on my Christmas lights, I noticed a slight buildup of ice on the bulbs and wires. It was misting, and the temp was dropping. I rubbed my hands together and imagined waking up to a world of crystallized ice trees. I checked my camera battery, poured a glass of water, when all of the sudden, snap! The power went out. Left in darkness, I lit a candle and headed for bed. Throughout the night I was awakened many times to the sound of snapping branches. Finally a weak, dreary, morning glow revealed the power of a little mist and cold temperatures....alas, my world of ice was before me begging to get its picture taken. I was happy.

Thankfully MY white Toyota did not meet the same fate as my neighbors.



Ian and Andy said...


My girlfriends parents live near Brattleboro VT and they won't have power for about a week.

DeltaJH said...

Conditions were perfect for photos! Ice storm at night and clear with full sunlight in the morning. Too bad most of the ice had melted by afternoon. However, it was a week later before we got out power back on.