Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Banff Mountain Film Festival coming soon to a location near you!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is one of NEMO's favorite events that we attend every year. We never fail to be inspired by the awesome/spectacular/death-defying/beautiful/crazy adventure films we see. Check here for local showings.

This year, I got word from one my Canadian sources that NEMO tents make an appearance in the film The Last Frontier — Papua New Guinea, by Trip Jennings.

The Epicocity crew travelled to Papua New Guinea to document the island of New Britain’s pristine water, habitat, and intact indigenous culture through an exploratory caving and kayaking expedition. The expedition was the first of its kind in New Britain and likely the last before logging and agricultural production change the island forever.

Here’s a different cut of the trip from National Geographic that also has the tents (NEMO tents at 4:45).


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