Friday, January 16, 2009

Worst Possible Conditions

The temperature had dipped down to around 4 degrees with a wind-chill well below zero last night. My new Morpho AR had yet to be field tested and I had been eagerly awaiting the perfect opportunity to break it out. Mandy and I were at the end of this excruciating cleanse diet that has lasted for 2 weeks and left me craving carbs and most of all beer!

The combination of brutal weather and the potential to celebrate the end of this hellacious diet made for a perfect excuse for a winter camping trip and S’mores. We packed up our gear and headed to our campsite. I pushed away most of clutter and started to set up the tent with ease. Just as promised in a matter of seconds our tent was up. Due to the conditions of our site, the ground was far too hard for staking, so I had to use a specially designed system to handle our environment. Luna came along for the expedition and helped stave away any wildlife whilst we set up camp. One thing that I will need to pick up is a PawPrint so that she will be allowed in the tent for future excursions.

After setting up base camp we stoked a fire. The beer flowed like wine that night for me and Mandy’s wine flowed like beer! The trees were so frozen that I was unable to cut any branches to make proper S’Mores sticks. I had to fashion some out of kabob skewers and ski poles which actually worked quite well. The end result was pure bliss. Winter camping has always been one of my favorite activities, especially when you can do it from the comfort of your living room.

Thanks NEMO,
Sam, Mandy and Luna

Base Camp



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Edgar said...

This blog cracks me up...when they say this tent can stand up to almost any environment, they weren't kidding!