Tuesday, February 3, 2009

457 boxes of tents in the shop, 25 lbs. of garbage no longer on the beach

Friday was a big day at NEMO. Our largest shipment to date arrived: 457 boxes of brand spankin’ new 2009 tents. Seeing as many of us hadn’t gotten our daily workout in, we rolled up our sleeves and started lifting the boxes into the shop. Two and a half hours later, you couldn’t see the floor and we were exhausted.

Our 2009 product line is expanding from 7 tents to 12 tents, 3 sleeping pads and 1 backcountry pillow. While we’re still unpacking all of the boxes, here’s a sneak peek at the line up: NEMO 2009 Catalog.

Once we’re all unpacked, these babies will be ready for their next adventure.

In other news, we also conducted our monthly cleanup at Jenness Beach on Friday afternoon. It was a cold one, with snow blanketing the shore above the high tide mark. Charlotte, my dog, didn’t even dip a paw in the water it was so chilly. But she did do her share of cleaning up 2 tennis balls left stranded on the beach. This month was one of our slimmest cleanups – just 25 lbs. collected. Maybe we’re making a difference.


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