Monday, February 9, 2009


One of NEMO's sponsored trips, The Kyrgyzstan Plan, just wrapped up a couple weeks ago. The expedition (and film project) is aimed at initiating a community based yurt-stay/ski touring program, providing alternative income opportunities to the families who shape their livelihood in Kyrgyzstan's remote Tian Shan mountains.

K-plan mastermind Ryan Koupal and Co. took Tenshi out into the remote mountains of Kyrgyzstan in search of endless and untouched powder (can you find it below?).

Ryan explained to us that just about all of the basic resources needed to initiate such an operation are there in Kyrgyzstan. They are just waiting for someone to come along, inspire the idea, and work with others to put the pieces together. More plans are in the works, so if you dig the idea or want to give support, check out the link above.

The K-plan blog is full of beautiful pictures and great stories:
"Look, Mister, you cannot go to that place. You will be eaten by wolves." A lone Kyrgyz guest sat across the table from Sabyrbek, anxious to make direct eye contact with the two crazy Americans who were dead-set on heading to live for a week in the mountains of the remote Suusamyr region. The guest spoke up, and Sabyrbek turned to us with a translation: "This man, he is from the countryside. He is a hunter. He says that the wolves will eat you." I looked at the man. He looked at Sabyrbek. I looked at Ellis. This was something we hadn't considered.

"Do you have a gun?" Sabyrbek asked. "No...we have splitboards. And ice axes. And a tripod." The hunter spoke again. "It's love-making season. He says many wolves will be together, not just one. One is OK...but many will be a problem for two American boys." More words from the hunter. "He says you should wait until February 22."

Stayed tuned for more stories to come.


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