Monday, June 29, 2009

Museum of Science Washburn Climb

Bradford Washburn is a name you should know. Calling him a jack-of-all trades almost seems to dilute his accomplishments and the depth to which he pursued his interests.

Washburn and his wife Barbara put up numerous first ascents on major Alaskan peaks (she was the first woman to climb Denali). He also pioneered the use of aerial photography in the analysis of mountains/mountain climbing. Washburn was renowned for his cartography skills, creating notable large-scale detailed maps of not only Mt. Everest and Denali, but also of ranges closer to home of Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range. In his later years (at age 29), Washburn also helped to establish the Boston Museum of Science, building the museum into one of the leading institutions of its kind.

In celebration of an incredible man's life (and the need to fundraise), the Museum of Science sponsors the Washburn Climb every year, a challenge to climb Mount Washington twice in one day. This year's climb is on July 13, and an invitation is open for both climbers and donors.


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