Sunday, June 21, 2009

T.A.E. - Little Known Trials Enthusiast

Thomas Alva Edison is most well known for having invented a mass-producible filament light bulb, but it's the other 1092 patents he holds that make him one of my biggest heros. Its pretty hard to imagine a contemporary inventor having the same impact on the world.

What I didn't know about my idol is that he too was a fan of trials riding. I came across this video on of a man performing some rather modern tricks on a turn of the century bike. It seems the person holding the movie camera (a relatively new device in 1899) was T.A.E. himself. Presumably a fan of thinking outside the box, its understandable why he might have been drawn to the art of figuring out what to do with a bike that doesn't involve sitting on the seat and riding it like a normal person.

If you make it to the end of the clip, you'll see a crash that would make the outtake reel of a Danny MacAskill video. Ouch. I wonder if someone did the physics equations first...


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