Thursday, September 3, 2009

2010 Sneak Peek: Meta 2P

There's a 2 person version of Meta 1P in the works for 2010 too (highlighted earlier in August). We've been developing a new 20D nylon ripstop fabric that is being used throughout the tent.

The setup will require two trekking poles. In return, you'll get two reconfigurable vestibules, two entrances, and a whole lot of fun for 2.9 lbs. Suprisingly (or not), the whole package stuffs down smaller than our smallest bivy.



Nathan said...

I have mine on order through REI. I hope they get more in stock soon I cannot wait to get it.

Nathan said...

REI now says they are hoping on getting more the middle of April. Is this true? I am still on the backorder list hoping not to wait much longer. Sounds like everyone is buying this tent.