Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NEMO Ambassador Spotlight - Jesse Coombs

Professional kayaker and all-around good guy, Jesse Coombs, recently joined NEMO’s team as an ambassador. Before his latest trip to Mexico, we checked in with Jesse to learn a little bit more about him.

Name: Jesse Coombs

Birthplace: Washington DC

Current residence: A van filled with kayaking, biking, rock climbing, ice hockey gear, chess and a guitar. I store my other gear in my house in Corvallis, OR.

Day job (what pays the bills?): Educated as an Engineer and MBA, but smart investing has allowed me to focus solely on goals: athletics, guitar, 2nd language and friends.

Life Motto: The day you stop taking risks is the day you stop living.

Favorite organization you support: Jesse Coombs Foundation

What are you doing to change the world? Encouraging kids to chase their dreams and say no to drugs.

Favorite piece of NEMO gear & why: Gogo EX. My life is full of self-supported adventures that need protection from rain, cold, mosquitoes and/or hot nights. From British Colombia to the Western US to Central and South America to the Far East – this tent is my perfect companion in ALL CONDITIONS!

Songs that get you going: When I am getting amped up to push my physical and mental limits: Rage, Pantera, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin….

Give us a ‘green tip’ that you personally do: I cut open containers that still have life but can’t be squeezed out for the last of it. I am notorious for not wasting anything and I learned it from my mom. She once stopped the car on the highway and made my brother go back for a piece of trash he threw out the window.

Favorite trip & why: Futafeulu. It was the perfect combination of amazing kayaking, ease of mind, truly stunning scenery and loving every moment.

Food you miss the most while on an expedition: chocolate chip cookies

Something you always bring on your trips that you don’t need (good luck charm, etc.): I am the guy who brings the true minimum. My friends will have two large bags and I’ll have one bag ¾ full. I pride myself on bringing the minimum.

Hidden talent, party trick: I can do a split.

Friends describe you as: happy, smiling, and optimistic.

Who inspires you?: My sister. 4 wonderful kids, partner in major law firm, loving wife, athlete and indomitable positive spirit. She can and does do it all.

Bonus items you’d like to tell us about yourself: I really appreciate people who introduce themselves with a smile and want to say hello.

Check back soon for Jesse’s trip report from Mexico – you’re going to be tired just reading it.


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