Thursday, November 5, 2009

Proven Surf/Skate/Snow Film Festival

This week, the Banff Film Fest is knee deep in action. The Adventure Film Festival gets going next week in Boulder. For East Coasters who are looking for a piece of the pie too, check out this year's Proven Surf/Skate/Snow Film Festival.

The film festival features the top 10 surf/skate/snow films from New England's adventure film makers. Starting at 6pm, Saturday November 8th at the Rye Airfield, the event will also feature artwork, food, raffles (including a surfboard), and skate sessions before/after the show.

It seems that lately Rye Airfield has been a happening place. After Tony Hawk's visit last week and the film festival this weekend, we should be keeping a closer eye on the events going on there!


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